Where to Find an Accredited McKenzie Clinic

08/03/13 8:35 AM

Remember the old joke?  What is the best part of banging your head against a wall?  The feeling you get when you stop.

The McKenzie Method is like that; simple, individually prescribed exercises and postures that will make you feel oh, so much better.

Most patients are not so surprised at how well they feel – often in the first session – they are more shocked at how different their lives become.  As they slowly adjusted to living with aches and pains, they did not realize how much energy it took to compensate for their inability to move comfortably.  It is a nice problem to have – more time and energy to do the things they want to do rather than catering to the misery.

The McKenzie Method is not only beneficial to patients but to insurance companies as it can frequently reverse a chronic case.  Patients are empowered with a detailed assessment of their problem and taught how to continue treatment at home, avoiding recurrences.

The McKenzie Method is the most researched physical therapy treatment system.  However, despite the popularity of this type of program and its advantages, there are few clinics certified by the McKenzie Institute as specialized treatment centers.

Each year, a clinic must re-certify to prove it is properly administering the McKenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy.  Qualified therapists must spend at least 50% of their practicing hours at the clinic and participating in ongoing training.  The clinic must also utilize the range of McKenzie products where appropriate.

While many clinics get around the difficult work to earn this certification, Physical Therapy Center of Bristol knows the importance of a patient’s health and trust.  It is the only accredited McKenzie Clinic in New England.

Patients can find a properly trained clinician who will determine the true source of pain to provide relief.

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