Physical Therapy for Summer Injuries

11/06/13 8:48 AM

summer injuryMost people think of physical therapy as part of a long healing process after a serious injury or surgery.

However, physical therapy can correct less dramatic pains that, if left untreated, only get worse until a long healing process is the only course of treatment.

With the warmer weather approaching, most of us are starting activity after months of sitting indoors.  We’re looking at the yard and hauling around heavy lawnmowers or picking up shovels to dig in the garden.

Some of us are, instead, picking up sports equipment and playing tennis, badminton, or golf.

Others are jumping into the water with boats or just swim suits.

While almost no one will prepare his or her bodies for this change in activity, just about everyone will be surprised when there is an injury.

The body has amazing abilities to heal itself and physical therapy can capitalize on that ability.  A trained professional knows how far to push the body without re-injuring it and yet minimize healing time.  Proper exercises can encourage the body to renew itself at the cellular level while releasing endorphins that make a person feel better.  Rest alone might frustrate a patient who wants to return to summer activities and might do so too soon, causing re-injury.

Patients who go through physical therapy can become more aware of their bodies and proper motion, thus avoiding new injuries in the future.  Instead of pushing their bodies to meet external goals – dig the whole garden by sundown, play 18 holes of golf instead of 9 – the goals can be more realistic, regular, and allow for greater achievements.

Summer activities can become more enjoyable as we age if we don’t assume that we must live with certain aches or pains and do the right thing to treat the misery.

Physical Therapy Center of Bristol has a fully trained staff that can help anyone with any problem live a better life.

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