Connecting Mental and Physical Health

16/07/13 8:37 AM

physical painWhich came first?  The chicken or the egg?  Does physical pain cause mental anguish or does mental stress cause physical pain?

Physical Therapy Center of Bristol does not care so much about which came first but what can be done now.  It is possible to step in at any point in time to address a problem and it is always better to take care of it sooner.

If you are spending time writing off neck pain as “tension” or telling yourself to suck it up as a shooting pain stops you in your tracks and then, just as quickly, disappears, we want you to realize it is not normal to live with any pain.

Not only can you find relief but also you can address the real problem, usually with a lot less time and energy than you fear it will take to get to a better place.

Stress can negatively affect the immune system and be detrimental to the body’s natural ability to heal itself.  There’s no reasonable way to eliminate all stress – traffic will back up, the kids will throw a monkey wrench into your plans for a calm Monday morning by “reminding” you of what they need three seconds before the bus arrives, you will argue with your spouse, there will be a crisis at work and someone will decide to make it your problem.  And the toiled WILL back up during your party, replacing that cocktail in your hand with a plunger.

More than the obvious things you identify as stress, there are thousands of things that are present in everyday life that will eat away at your health and, as you think you can handle it all and put more on your plate without taking care of what’s already there, you can cause severe damage and limit your future capabilities, even shorten your life span.

It’s important to take care of yourself and Physical Therapy Center of Bristol can help with experienced assessments and proven therapies that will not only stem the tide of future issues but make today more comfortable.

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