Good Posture – What is it?

13/08/13 8:42 AM

postureIf you associate the word posture with a nagging grandmother, then you need to change your mindset so you can change your life.

Seriously, good posture is a very important factor in a healthy, happy future and the phrase “stand up straight” has very little to do with good posture.  Anyone who’s ever taken a moment to try sitting or standing with a straight back knows you won’t have time to hard boil an egg before the slouching returns.

Rather than give up, take a moment to understand that your muscles need not only strength but flexibility to properly support the skeleton.  Tight muscles will literally pull your skeleton out of the ideal posture.

Rather than give in to frustration and give up, it’s important to know how to stretch things like hamstrings, which can be as easy as standing with feet flat on the floor to touch your feet.  Walls are not only great support mechanisms but also a good way to check vertical alignment.

The reality is, our bodies move and are intended to move.  We get into trouble when we don’t exercise but we can also get into trouble with the wrong movements.  Wrong movements are often the result of poor posture – wrists that are bent when typing at a computer keyboard will suffer carpal tunnel syndrome.

Good posture not only prevents injuries or aids in healing an existing problem, it can also bring amazing results to anyone who takes the time to learn how to get it.  Athletes can improve their performance by adjusting their posture and enjoy their favorite sport even more.

A good physical therapist like Physical Therapy Center of Bristol can teach you how to correct bad posture and simple exercises to make it comfortable and natural to use good posture every day.

There’s a bonus to good posture that grandma never mentioned.  Your friends will think you’ve lost weight or been working out because good posture is attractive.

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