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14/10/13 8:42 AM

sports injuryThe leaves are just starting to turn and that means crisp cool air in which to play games!

If you’re not filled with excitement at this time of the year because you’re sidelined by a sports injury, give Physical Therapy Center of Bristol a call at 860-585-5800 today.

Injuries are common in organized sports, competitions, training exercises, or fitness activities.  Rest and some ice might cure an injury but rest without information can mean that you’ll take longer to recover than necessary or, worse, prevent full recovery.

If you go back to play without knowing what you need, you also have a high risk of re-injuring yourself.

Some sports injuries are caused by poor training methods, inadequate warm-up, and lack of conditioning.  If your injury was caused by any of these, then you are probably going to repeat your mistake and injury in much less time than it took you to recover.  Really a shame when it takes less than an hour to learn what you should do – and should not do – to avoid misery in the first place.

The best news there is that, not only can you avoid pain and downtime, but you can improve your physical abilities by becoming more aware of what your body needs to prepare for sport.  A properly trained physical therapist can teach you how to prepare muscles for stressful movement during play.  Your game will improve with more strength and speed as does the amount of time you can spend enjoying the game because your body will have more endurance.

Different sports require different movements of the body and every body is unique.  Physical Therapy Center of Bristol can help you customize your training and warm-up to address the right muscle groups.  You can also learn more about nutrition.  (A Snickers may prevent you from acting like a diva but the sugar crash may not be welcome when the score is tied and your team needs you.)

As for recovery, Physical Therapy Center of Bristol can correctly assess an injury and provide you with the proper physical therapy to promote healing.  A good set of exercises can also release endorphins that make you feel better.  A good attitude can do wonders for getting you back in the game faster.

So, if you’ve got a sports injury, don’t let it keep you out of the game this fall or worse, change your life and keep you away from your favorite activities for months or years.

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