Our Southington and Bristol Offices Treat Concussions

22/01/14 8:54 AM

concussionIf you get your medical education from television shows, then you might believe that a light tap on the head with an iron frying pan doesn’t produce the symptoms of concussion described by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: loss of consciousness, confusion, memory loss, dizziness, double of blurry vision, problems with balance, sensitivity to light and/or sound, nausea or vomiting, and headaches.

Well, these symptoms will appear if it moves the plot forward or stands a chance at getting a laugh.

Truth is, concussions aren’t funny and you should be aware of all treatment options.

Physical Therapy Center of Bristol addresses balance issues by introducing exercises that make patients lose their balance.  Yes, you read that right.  In a controlled environment, with the proper supervision and instruction, these exercises help patients regain balance because the movements help train the muscles used to keep balance.  Our patients notice they feel stronger and, indeed, have better balance and stability.

For patients of any age, this rehabilitation or balance retraining often produces an increase in confidence, which helps reduce the risk of falls because someone who is always worried about falling is more likely to fulfill that expectation.

It’s always important to describe your observations and how you feel to your physical therapist but there are ways to quantify balance.  Physical Therapy Center of Bristol uses the Tinetti Performance Oriented Mobility Assessment (POMA).

By timing patients as they perform safe, simple movements, we can determine if they are at risk of falling and then work out a program to reduce that risk.

Other symptoms of a concussion can be headaches, which are very much effected by blood flow.  Specific exercises can help increase blood flow to the brain and provide significant relief without additional medications and potential drug interactions.

If your television is tuned to sports – perhaps cheering on the local team from Southington, Cheshire, Wolcott, Waterbury, New Britain or Farmington – then you’re witnessing a different effect of concussion… the repetition of injury can be debilitating for life.

In this case, a good physical therapist can help athletes such as football players return to the game with increased mobility and motion and less pain.

Call Physical Therapy Center of Bristol today to learn more about concussion therapies.

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