Win Prizes in Southington and Bristol!

08/01/14 8:49 AM

raffleIn most cases, the doctor in that old joke is dispending sound advice.

“Doctor, it hurts when I do this.”

“Don’t do that.”

The thing is, there are certain times when it’s actually worse for your health to avoid painful movements.  That’s where physical therapists get an undeserved bad reputation because patients associate discomfort with a bad experience.  It’s unfair because, as patients go through post-surgical rehab, manual therapy, or mechanical therapy, the body needs to adjust and even relearn proper movement.  Therapy and treatment, even for common injuries such as back pain or neck pain, don’t cause pain but can be uncomfortable.

Unfortunately, patients want to avoid the discomfort and often ditch appointments.  When that happens, the likelihood of proper follow up decreases as does a successful outcome.

Physical Therapy Center of Bristol realizes the situation and approaches it with two very effective tools… education and fun.

Our therapists will explain what is happening with the body and why so that patients understand how the therapy is meant to heal.

The fun part comes in the form of an incentive.  Every patient who keeps his or her appointment receives a raffle ticket.  It’s free, of course.  At the end of the month, we pull one of these raffle tickets from a jar and the name on that ticket wins a $25 gift certificate.

The certificates are for things that you really want and in places that are easy to reach.  One month the gift certificate was good at Dunkin Donuts… easy with so many locations in the towns we serve: Southington, Meriden, Cheshire, Plantsville, Wolcott, Waterbury, Wallingford, Kensington, Bristol, , Plainville, New Britain, Terryville, Farmington, Unionville, and Burlington.

Patients have quickly noticed that they increase their odds of winning by keeping their appointments; you get a new raffle ticket for every visit!

The great thing is when they realize that keeping the appointments is making progress toward feeling better.

Last month, we gave a gift certificate to the Cheesecake Factory… now there’s a place to celebrate a successful rehabilitation!

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