Southington and Bristol Offices Accept Medicare

25/02/14 8:39 AM

medicateWe live in a disposable society… when a toaster won’t brown the bread, we get a new one.  When a hole appears in a favorite sweater, we resign ourselves to shopping for a replacement.

The cost of repairing a toaster is more than a new unit and few people remember that the word “darn” is a verb, much less how to do it.  Unfortunately, the mentality has crept into other aspects of our lives, with tragic results.

When we feel pain while doing something as basic as walking, we assume, “It’s just old age,” and nothing can be done or that the cost for addressing the problem is out of reach.

Medicare covers physical therapy and seniors don’t need to suffer any more.

Physical Therapy Center of Bristol has many patients with Medicare insurance and our staff is happy to explain how coverage works so that you can get the manual therapy or mechanical therapy you need to feel better.

Often, problems such as back pain or neck pain are made worse as the body compensates in response to an original problem.  New complaints such as spine pain and lumbar pain arrive and, instead of assuming this is “normal,” Physical Therapy Center of Bristol recommends an evaluation – covered by Medicare – to determine the treatment and exercises that can alleviate or even eliminate the pain!

Often transportation is an issue.  Physical Therapy Center of Bristol works with many senior centers and homes, utilizing medical transport vans and dial-a-rides that are available to take you to our clinics.

So, if you live in Southington, Meriden, Cheshire, Plantsville, Wolcott, Waterbury, Wallingford, Kensington, Bristol, Plainville, New Britain, Terryville, Farmington, Unionville, or Burlington and have Medicare, find out just how good you can feel by calling Physical Therapy Center of Bristol today!

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