Good News from Washington D.C. to Southington and Bristol about the Affordable Care Act!

11/02/14 8:30 AM

The Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare, has good news regarding physical therapy coverage.

Insurance policies must now meet a minimum standard of coverage.  Therefore, gone are the days of paying a premium for insurance that doesn’t take care of you when you need help.

Patients who have been suffering from long-term or pre-existing injuries have a good opportunity to find relief from complaints such as neck pain or spine pain.  According to the ACA, you are considered continuously covered by insurance if you spend less than three months of 2014 uninsured.

Physical Therapy Center of Bristol recommends you grab your insurance as soon as possible and take care of that lingering back pain with the proper therapy of exercise and individualized treatment.  Not only will you feel better, but also you’ll be taking advantage of the ACA in the way it was originally intended – to improve your health and well being.

So, if you’ve suffered a recent, acute injury such as a rotator cuff tear or have been suffering from a pre-existing injury so long that you’ve become used to the misery, realize that you can get coverage and the right physical therapy to live with less pain and more enjoyment.

Of course, there are still many questions about coverage, “Does my insurance cover post-surgical rehab?  Can I receive manual therapy as well as mechanical therapy?”  Check with your local governments in Southington, Meriden, Cheshire, Plantsville, Wolcott, Waterbury, Wallingford, Kensington, Bristol, Plainville, New Britain, Terryville, Farmington, Unionville, and Burlington, as there are many free seminars in these towns to help address questions regarding insurance application.

As for questions about what you need for a successful rehabilitation experience, Physical Therapy Center of Bristol is happy to talk to you about what is appropriate for you.  As a Certified McKenzie Spine Care Clinic, we are prepared to offer the best in physical therapy options and get you feeling great!

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