Southington Physical Therapy Experts Offer Seminar on Dizziness and Balance

12/02/14 8:43 AM

One-hour seminar on Tuesday, February 11th, at Southington High School, offered by the Physical Therapy Center
to address balance and dizziness frequently asked questions.


PRLog (Press Release) – Bristol, CT, 2/11/14—A brand new seminar is being held Tuesday, February 11th at Southington High School by the Physical Therapy Center. The seminar will cover information that is not common knowledge about physical therapy, and how it can help with dizziness and balance ailments.  Physical therapists Kaitlyn Hamel and Jen Rudzinski will be presenting the one hour course.

Southington Balance and Dizziness Ailment Help

Balance and dizziness ailments are more than just uncomfortable symptoms, they put many people at an elevated risk for falls, and many are unable to drive or do other every day activities. Most at risk for these problems are senior citizens, but many athletes suffer as well due to lingering symptoms of concussions obtained during play.

“Patients suffering from vestibular troubles [also known as balance or dizziness] will often try to just deal with it on their own, by resting, or avoiding those activities that bring on the symptoms. But they don’t have to live this way, physical therapy can help,” Craig Zettergren, owner of Physical Therapy Centers, with locations in Bristol and Southington, shares.

By working with a licensed and experienced physical therapist, patients will be shown how to perform exercises that stimulate and strengthen the muscles in the inner ear that control an individual’s balance. While the process may cause episodes of dizziness, by strengthening these muscles, patients can achieve fewer, weaker episodes and learn how to control flare ups on their own.

Southington Physical Therapy

A Certified McKenzie spine care and extremity clinic, Physical Therapy Centers, with locations in Bristol and Southington, offers exceptional care for patients of all ages suffering vestibular ailments. With their A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau, and community involvement through seminars such as this one at Southington High School, or at local senior centers, Physical Therapy Centers cares about their patients and community.

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