Expert Bristol Physical Therapist to Hold Free Seminars for Beekley Employees

27/02/14 11:52 AM

Expert Bristol Physical Therapist to Hold Free Seminars for Beekley Employees

Craig Zettergren, PT, MS, Dip MDT, owner of Physical Therapy Center in Bristol and Southington, will share back injury prevention tips at two seminars for Beekley Employees


Bristol, CT 2/27/14—Bristol employees at Beekley Corporation are about to get some insider tips on how to prevent back pain from an expert on back pain, Craig Zettergren of Physical Therapy Center. Over the course of two seminars, the Bristol physical therapist will cover tips and tricks to safe lifting practices as well as exercises for sedentary workers to do at their desks.

Teaching Safe Lifting Technique in Bristol

While it may be widely known that one should lift with the legs, Craig offers more explanation as to why, and how even one time lifting “the lazy way” can cause lifetime damage to the spine.

“It’s important for someone who sees these injuries first hand to remind laborers of proper lifting technique. It’s a classic example of “it won’t happen to me,” but I’m here to tell you, it can. It even happened to me,” Craig shared. He recently suffered a back injury himself, so he speaks firsthand about how physical therapy can help treat back pain better than pain medications alone.

Bristol Back Injury Prevention for Sedentary Workers

A new phenomenon, “deskercising,” is emerging, and it’s not just for weight loss. It’s possible to prevent back injuries by doing simple exercises while remaining seated at one’s desk. Poor posture and overuse are some of the most common causes of back injury.

“It doesn’t take a single event to cause a serious back injury. Most of our back pain patients are sedentary workers whose injuries were caused by years of poor sitting posture. To correct it, the patient has to be willing to relearn how to sit correctly. With simple exercises that they can complete at their desk, workers can help themselves be more conscious of their posture,” Craig says.

Helping Patients and the Bristol Community

Craig Zettergren, owner of the Physical Therapy Center, with locations in Bristol and Southington, along with his highly trained physical therapists, offers many free seminars to help local businesses take care of their employees and prevent back injuries. Other free events include Driving Mobility for senior citizens, helping to increase flexibility and their ability to view their blind spots, Youth Sports Injury Prevention seminars, Acute Injury Care, and other programs customized for any particular groups’ needs.

The Physical Therapy Center of Bristol and Southington-Cheshire treats patients of all ages suffering from back injuries as well as sports injuries, concussions, balance and dizziness ailments, pre- and post-surgical rehab, and chronic pain. With same day appointments every day and two convenient locations, patients are able to start treatment right away, and get on the road to less pain. For more information or to make an appointment, contact Physical Therapy Center at (860) 585-5800 or visit their website at

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