Free Seminar on Cheshire Child Athlete Injury Prevention and Treatment

03/03/14 12:45 PM

In partnership with the Cheshire YMCA, the Physical Therapy Center, with locations in Southington and Bristol, is presenting a free seminar for parents on how to prevent and treat acute sports injuries in their child athletes on Wednesday, March 11th, from 6:30-7:30pm.

Southington, CT 3/5/14 — As the spring season approaches with great anticipation, so do a multitude of spring sports and outdoor activities for kids, and the risk for youth injuries becomes even higher. Physical Therapy Center, located in Southington and Bristol, is offering a free seminar to Cheshire parents at the Cheshire YMCA on youth injury prevention and treatment on Wednesday, March 11th from 6:30-7:30pm.

The seminar will touch upon pre-game preparation, appropriate stretching and exercises, how to treat a minor acute injury at home, and how to tell if an injury needs actual medical attention.

“As a parent myself, I know the worries most parents have about their children playing sports or other physical activities. But as long as they wear the right equipment, stretch out before participation, and teaching your child to know their limits, it’s possible to reduce the severity and likelihood of injury,” Craig Zettergren, PT, MS, Dip. MDT, owner of Physical Therapy Center shares.

Cheshire child athlete injury awareness

According to, 1.35 million children are sent to the emergency room each year with sports-related injuries. Sprains and strains are the most common injury that is seen. Fortunately, these are not life-threatening injuries, but very often they require extensive physical therapy.

Perhaps the most frightening statistic is that every 3 minutes, a child is seen in the ER for a concussion. Concussions can range from mild to severe and can leave lifelong effects and cause brain damage. Knowing the signs of concussion is something with which every parent and coach should be familiar. Symptoms of concussion syndrome can often be minimized with physical therapy as well.

Sharing injury prevention and treatment tips with the community

Physical Therapy Center sees many children suffering from sports related injuries and concussions. Most of them respond very positively to treatment, in a short amount of time. With same day appointments available every day, Physical Therapy Center can see children sooner, to get them back in the game faster.

Offering their experience to the public through outlets such as this seminar at the Cheshire YMCA, as well as presentations at local senior centers and large employers, Physical Therapy Center strives to teach patients how to handle pain on their own. It is a goal for every patient to be discharged pain free, with the tools to handle any flare ups that may occur in the future.


About Physical Therapy Center of Bristol, Southington-Cheshire:
Physical Therapy Center treats patients of all ages with sports injuries ranging from sprains and strains to fractures and operative injuries, as well as balance, dizziness, and back pain. In fact, they are the only Certified McKenzie Spine Care and Extremity Clinic in Connecticut, using targeted treatments to customize plans of care to get patients feeling better, faster. At Physical Therapy Center, patients will Rehab Like a Pro, from 8 to 88! To make a same day appointment, visit or call (860) 585-5800.

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