Physical Therapy Center Helping Senior Citizens become Safer Drivers

03/04/14 8:26 AM

Southington and Bristol-based Physical Therapy Center will be giving a free Driving Mobility seminar at the Cheshire Senior Center at 240 Maple Ave in Cheshire on Wednesday, April 9th at 10:30am.

Southington, CT 4/3/14—With so many more senior citizens on the road as boomers age, driving safety becomes more of an issue. While there are many causes of accidents, one area where physical therapy can help is mobility.

It is common for many seniors to have decreased flexibility in the neck and torso, which makes turning to check peripherals or blind spots more difficult. The Physical Therapy Center (PTC) is now offering a free seminar at the Cheshire Senior Center at 240 Maple Ave in Cheshire on Wednesday, April 9th, at 10:30am, to teach interested seniors a few exercises that may help increase their range of movement and flexibility so they can more easily check their blind spots and mirrors while driving. To register, interested parties may contact the senior center at (203) 272-8286.

Seniors at increased risk for injury

Senior citizens have the most experience on the road, however, after age 75, the chances of being involved in an injury-causing crash increase significantly (

“Checking medications for interactions and avoiding situations are some ways that seniors can be safer drivers, but by having better mobility, they not only become better drivers, but more active, and less likely to have other injuries such as falls, which are extremely common among the aging population,” PTC owner, Craig Zettergren, PT, MS, Dip. MDT, shares.

If seniors are not comfortable or able to check their blind spots and mirrors, they are put at an increased risk for an accident with a car that they are not able to see. Other ways for seniors to make conscious choices to become better drivers include:

  • Get regular eye checks to ensure prescriptions remain up to date.
  • Leave extra room between vehicles on all sides to allow time to maneuver out of a potentially dangerous situation.
  • Plan routes ahead of time to prevent distractions when trying to locate a destination.
  • Ride with a friend who can help check blind spots and navigate the route.

Helping prevent injuries through education

Physical Therapy Center’s philosophy centers on patient education. As the only Certified McKenzie Spine Care and Extremity Clinic in Connecticut, PTC creates targeted Mechanical Diagnosis and Treatment plans that are fully customized for every patient, of all ages, to speed up recovery. PTC treats patients of all ages with sports injuries, back pain, pre- and post-operative rehab, balance, and dizziness ailments, and much more. With same day appointments every day and accepting most insurances, including Medicare, Physical Therapy Center patients Rehab Like a Pro, from 8 to 88! To make a same day appointment, visit or call (860) 585-5800.

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