Do I need to see a doctor before I go to physical therapy?

No. Since October 1, 2006, physical therapists have had direct access to patients. Although, some insurance plans do require you to have a referral from your doctor; if this is the case, a referral needs to be in place for insurance to reimburse the services given. We will gladly assist you in getting your referral, but ultimately it is the patient’s responsibility.

Is physical therapy covered under my insurance plan?

Most likely, yes. Physical Therapy Center accepts most insurances, except for Husky programs and Medicaid, per state regulations. Click here to view a list of insurance companies we work with.

Will I have the same physical therapist each time I come?

We prefer that each patient remains with the same therapist for each visit, however on occasion you may see another physical therapist if there is a conflict in schedules. Research has shown that patients tend to complete their treatment plans when they are treated by the same therapist each visit.

Will I have to do exercises?

Therapeutic exercise is a very important component of your rehabilitation program. Compliance with a home exercise program will facilitate recovery, makes changes from physical therapy more permanent and help prevent risk of re-injury. The exercises always performed at the clinic first before it is prescribed for your home program to make sure it is done correctly. A hand out will be given with diagrams to help you remember your home program.

How long will each treatment last?

Each treatment lasts for 30-60 minutes and involves one-on-one manual therapy treatment with the physical therapist, therapeutic exercise performed at the clinic to ensure proper mechanics and techniques and usually ends with modalities such as a ice or heat pack. It is important to perform home exercises as prescribed by the physical therapist outside of the clinic.

What should I wear?

Loose comfortable clothing should be worn so that the areas being assessed are easily exposed for examination. Comfortable shoes are also recommended. Shorts and T shirts are also available for your convenience.

What forms do I need to fill out?

Click here to see a list of forms you will need to fill out prior to your first therapy appointment!

What should I expect during the first visit?

When you first arrive at the clinic, have your insurance card and driver’s license available for photocopy. You will also need to give us your prescription for physical therapy from your doctor. Paperwork will then be given to you to fill out. It is recommended that you come in 10-15 minutes prior to your appointment to complete the paperwork. You can also download the paperwork to complete ahead of time.

After the paperwork is complete, you will be given a tour of our facility. One of our highly skilled physical therapists will then perform an initial evaluation to help determine causes of symptoms/dysfunction and a treatment plan. The initial evaluation is comprised of the following components:

Subjective: The physical therapist will discuss with you your medical history; symptoms, problems or complaints; pain intensity, aggravating or easing factors; what activities in your daily life are affected by your complaints/problems; any tests, medications or procedures performed and what your goals are for physical therapy.

Objective Measurements: The physical therapist will make observations and take measurements.

  • Postural Assessment: Positions of joints, symmetry and muscle mass are assessed.
  • • Movement Assessment: The physical therapist may examine the biomechanics of certain activities such as walking, lifting, reaching up to determine whether the movements can be performed more efficiently and with less pain.
  • Range of Motion: Joints will be moved around to see quality and quantity of movement and if there is pain.
  • Strength: The physical therapist will check for weakness, pain and quality of muscle contraction.
  • Special Tests: These are used to confirm or rule out certain physical therapy diagnoses
  • Neurological Tests: Tests like reflexes, sensation and strength testing may be used to determine if the nerves are being affected or contributing to your symptoms.

Assessment: The physical therapist will discuss with you the findings of the evaluation and educate you on the sources of the problem. Goals of therapy will be discussed as well has a treatment plan and rehabilitation program. Each treatment is one on one with the physical therapist; an exercise program for the clinic and at home and modalities as necessary.

Plan: The physical therapist will discuss with you how many visits you will require and how long you should expect to be in physical therapy to reach maximal function. Together, you and your therapist will create a schedule that is most convenient for you.

What makes our facility different than other clinics in the area?

  • Hands on treatment during EVERY visit.
  • Personalized care for every patient.
  • High focus on patient education.
  • Beautiful clinic with state of the art equipment.
  • Both locations near major intersections with ample parking.

At Physical Therapy Center of Bristol, LLC and Physical Therapy Center of Southington-Cheshire you will receive hands on treatment by a licensed physical therapist on every visit. We offer personalized care for every patient including manual therapy, therapeutic exercises and modalities with a high focus on patient education. Scheduling is never a problem. We have early morning and late evening appointments.

We have two beautiful state of the art facilities located in Bristol and Plantsville, Connecticut.

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