“After suffering a back injury that radiated down my right leg, I sought out medical help.  I had spine injections, a year later, chiropractic care, all to no avail.  In fact, it got substantially worse.  Luckily, I found PTC! Read more

“I have had the pleasure (and PAIN!!) of being a patient at the Physical Therapy Center of Bristol twice.  The first was after I ran the Hartford Marathon in 2010, which left me with an IT band injury in my right knee.  Read more

“I had my reservations about how much more physical therapy would improve my function with spinal stenosis.  I was pleasantly surprised at the benefits of the McKenzie Method and was fascinated with the physiology. Read more

“I wanted to thank you for making me better (98%)!!!!!!!!  Your dedication, patience and professionalism is outstanding.  You never gave have up on me.  Read more

“I initially contacted PTC to be evaluated for my back pain and stiffness and begin a regime of exercises to alleviate or minimize my back problems.  The physical therapy stretches have been and will continue to be of benefit to me.  Read more

“I am no Annika Sorenstam or teenage Michelle Wie, not even an aging Nancy Lopez. But I am a golfer with a very bad back for 15 years. My story is simple, finding relief was not. 15 years and 5 different therapists. Read more

“This was my first broken bone (leg/fibula) and was on crutches while starting PT.  After only a few visits, I progressed to a cane and then progressed to “my own two feet” in just a couple of weeks.  PTC did an excellent job Read more

“I had a back injury that caused numbness in the back of my leg and half of my foot.  Before trying physical therapy, I had three weeks of chiropractic treatments with no improvements.  Read more

“I rolled my ankle causing a fracture and was in a lot of pain and discomfort.  Upon beginning therapy, my range of motion was poor with significant pain.  Read more

“When I first started physical therapy, I was beyond frustrated with my pain on a daily basis.  Read more

“I went to a chiropractor and they told me that I needed 48 visits at a cost of $2,900 for my back pain. Read more

“Who would have known that some simple exercises with no costly equipment could bring relief and put one on a healthier, pain-free track?  I came in with sever headaches, lightheadedness and neck stiffness.  Read more

“The staff at PTC was very concerned and caring during my knee surgery rehab; always asking me to give as much as possible but never go beyond my pain threshold.  Read more

“This is my second time here at PTC.  I have had excellent results both times.  When I tore my rotator cuff the second time, I was afraid I would never get full use of my arm back.  Read more

“As a fire fighter, I knew recovering from my complicated dual injury (of knee and ankle) injury wouldn’t be easy.  My recovery would require an aggressive improvement in order to return to such a rigorous work environment.  Read more

“I came to PTC in a wheelchair after having surgery on both of my ankles. I was a little skeptical about whether a physical therapy program could really get me back to my peak athletic performance. Read more

“I tore my labrum and rotator cuff as a result of playing college baseball. The doctor told me to expect a full year to be able to throw again and gain back all of my range of motion. Read more

“Recently, I was sidelined from running due to a severe case of plantar fasciitis. Intense heel pain prevented me from the sport I’ve come to know and love – running. Read more

“I had a full hip replacement and basically wasn’t able to do anything. I walked with a cane. I couldn’t drive. I couldn’t even bend over to put on my shoes! Read more

“I was referred to Physical therapy for vertigo which I suffered with for 7 months. I had seen 7 doctors in 2 states and I still couldn’t find any answers. Read more

“I never would have believed I would be free of pain.  I’m so glad I came here.  Everyone is so friendly and helpful.”- Betty Goff

“I came in with terrible, agonizing pain then leaving treatment with very little discomfort.  I will definitely be continuing all the exercises recommended by the staff at PTC!”- Susan Thayer

“The first day I came in I could barely move and now I am back to my normal everyday physical activity.  I was treated with great help and smiles!”- Kristina Hull

“This is my second time using PTC to rehab after surgery.  The staff is always friendly and professional.  I was guided through my therapy and had everything explained like my short term goals for each week.  I am now well on my way for a full recovery thanks to the staff at PTC!”- Mike Wilkes

“When I first came to PTC I had trouble walking, standing and even rolling over in bed.  As my sessions here continued I was able to run, jump and sleep without any problems.  The therapists are great here at PTC!”- Shane Huey

“When I first came to PTC I was unable to move, no sitting, standing or walking.  After 8 visits I have fully recovered and feel amazing.  Everyone at PTC is amazing and I would recommend this facility to everyone in need of physical therapy.” – Karen Nozzolillo

“I came here with a neck strain injury and a lot of pain.  The treatments and neck exercises were very helpful for the recovery process.  I feel 100% better and am educated about my injury and condition.  Thanks PTC!”- Lillian Elga

“After knee surgery, I reluctantly agreed to go to physical therapy because I really didn’t think I would need it.  However, after my first session, I realized how wrong I was.  Read more

“I came to PTC when I had my left knee replacement three years ago.  Therapy and surgery was successful.  There was no other option but to return after my right knee replacement.  I have made great strides.  Thank you PTC for leading me to recovery!”- Patty Doucette

“ I had my right hip replaced Jan. 30th and April 8th was my last day of therapy.  I am now doing things I have not been able to do for the last 10 years.  Thanks PTC!”- Lance Lenek

“I came in with neck and shoulder pain.  I was shown how to do simple stretches to make the pain go away.  I now feel back to 100%.  PTC was a god send!!”- Sondra Brodeur

“I came in three weeks ago with an injured ACL, unable to play soccer, let alone barely able to walk or go up and down stairs comfortably.  At the beginning, I thought it would be a much longer recovery time.  Read more

“I am in a much more mobile place then when I started. I will finally be able to enjoy being active again.”- Mary MacDonald

“I was sent here to help with tingling down my arms.  I needed to know how to correct this in order to continue with my daily activities which the tingling was restricting. As I still have my tingling on occasion, I know how to correct it and make it go away quickly.”- Lori O’Dell

“I had corrective surgery to help relieve pain after a spinal fusion in 2009.  I felt pain for a year and a half leading up to the second surgery.  I needed to strengthen my core to relieve my spine.  Read more

“I came to PTC in a sling just from shoulder surgery.  After about a month, I am fully recovered and feeling better then ever.  I have full range of motion and strength back thanks to the wonderful staff and all of their hard work!”- Colleen Myer

“I came to PTC hoping to learn lower back exercises that were safe and effective in helping my arthritis.   And I did!  Everyone was friendly and accommodated me with my difficult schedule.  Thank you!”- William Winshenwski

“I enjoyed my time here at PTC.  I feel I have gained so much flexibility, strength and knowledge to completely recover from my knee injury. “- JJ

“When I came into PTC, it was explained very clearly which muscles and nerves they were trying to exercise and stretch and why and also explained well how to do the various exercises.  I feel more confident that by continuing the program at home I will continue to improve back to 100%.”  Eileen M.

“I had a really good experience.  The therapists were really helpful and had a great attitude every appointment.  I feel that I received a proper diagnosis and then was treated with the appropriate exercises in a progressive manner that allowed for the best possible recovery from my ankle injury.  I feel that this therapy was essential to healing my injury.”- Charles A.

“I entered therapy with a lot of pain in my hamstring area and was limping when I first came to PTC.  Throughout therapy, we worked on stretching and strengthening which helped with pain and eventually led me to be able to walk without pain or a limp.  Read more

“I came into physical therapy after a car accident in March.  At the time both my neck and back were injured.  Over the past few months, I have seen a lot of improvement in myself.  Read more

“PTC is a professional organization with therapists who patiently explain the process of rehabilitation.  The office is very spacious and offers a comfortable environment in which to recover and rehab.”- William Senzer

“I came in with pain and stiffness in my right knee.  Through rest, stretching and strength exercises, my knee got 100% better.  Read more

“I came here with a torn ACL and MCL.  My therapist prepared me for surgery by strengthening my leg, and then once I had my surgery my therapist got me back to doing all the things I used to do.  I am glad I came here and never thought that I would be doing this well.  I would recommend this facility to anyone.” – Ryan Baron

“I visited PTC initially because my doctor prescribed it.  I did not have any confidence that I would be able to improve my knee pain.  Read more

“I was involved in a motor vehicle accident that left me with whiplash injury in the neck and lower back.  I was very limited in my ability to care for myself as well as my two year old daughter.  Read more

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